AZURE MAGAZINE – Fogo Island Inn Launches Furniture Collection

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“The Fogo Island Inn collection, which fêted its international debut last night at Toronto showroom Klaus, is made up of 70 wonderful pieces by world-renowned designers and local artisans that tell a story about place and history.


Among the showroom’s sleek pieces by Moroso, Tom Dixon and Moooi, the Fogo Island Inn pieces revel in their handcrafted playfulness, evoking what Cobb refers to as “handmade modern.” She said, “When you look at these objects, besides the form and function and meaning they carry, we tried to make them in a way that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Because we want them to bring you joy.”

And joy they deliver. The pieces include Dutch designer Ineke Hans’ old-timey chairs, including her Get-Your-Feet-Up settee and Quaker-like Long Bench; and Nick Herder’s Puppy side table, crafted from a single piece of wood board. Quebec’s Elaine Fortin designed the elegant Punt Chair, whose rib-like back was inspired by the island’s boat-building techniques and is made in wood from the base of tamarack trees. The Guild, a local collective, made vibrant spiralling pillows called Snake Cushions from tiny scraps of yarn.”



PUBLIÉ LE 17/10/2014

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